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Let’s recycle broken glass…







They come from far and wide,

Broken bottles tossed aside,

Shards birthed by window pane,

From the building that was slain,

Forgotten,Forsaken, seen as junk,

Left to rot in spittle and gunk,

Thousand parts of shattered glass,

Each unique in shape and mass,

Bit by bit they come together,

Latching on to one another,

Shaken by turbulence,

But steadfast in coalescence,

Once despondent and lacking sheen,

Now jubilant with emerald green,







A beast rewoken,

Born of the broken,

A Lion, a Warthog or a boar?

Else a Sabre in days of yore?!

Once a nothing, now stands tall,

Sprightly glow come nightfall,

Don’t junk it,

No such thing as total waste,

Think it through, make no haste,

The mantra is Recycle,

Let loose your fantasy,

Succeed you shall, conjure up a spectacle.


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