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A slice of Adolescence

(Originally written for Pasand, a social enterprise dedicated to adolescent heath and wellness, hence the candid tone)

Details are hazy, but I think it was the turn of the millennium. A fauji family and consequently nomads by circumstance, we’d just moved to a new campus (again) and Mom was anxious I wasn’t acclimatising well, for I had been confined to the loo the past couple of days. She feared I’d fallen prey to a nasty stomach bug. Or maybe it was the water. It was my third visit to the loo that morning, and while she was worried sick, on the other side of the door I was onto something far more sinister than shooting flatulent bursts of runny excrement all over the place.

Leaning against the wall far from the commode, I was feverishly fumbling with the hard little appendage between my legs, once again inching closer and closer to the edge beyond which I knew lay a thrilling plunge into earthly paradise – and the now not-so-innocuous organ was the secret gateway to it.

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