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Let’s recycle broken glass…







They come from far and wide,

Broken bottles tossed aside,

Shards birthed by window pane,

From the building that was slain,

Forgotten,Forsaken, seen as junk,

Left to rot in spittle and gunk,

Thousand parts of shattered glass,

Each unique in shape and mass,

Bit by bit they come together,

Latching on to one another,

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A slice of Adolescence

(Originally written for Pasand, a social enterprise dedicated to adolescent heath and wellness, hence the candid tone)

Details are hazy, but I think it was the turn of the millennium. A fauji family and consequently nomads by circumstance, we’d just moved to a new campus (again) and Mom was anxious I wasn’t acclimatising well, for I had been confined to the loo the past couple of days. She feared I’d fallen prey to a nasty stomach bug. Or maybe it was the water. It was my third visit to the loo that morning, and while she was worried sick, on the other side of the door I was onto something far more sinister than shooting flatulent bursts of runny excrement all over the place.

Leaning against the wall far from the commode, I was feverishly fumbling with the hard little appendage between my legs, once again inching closer and closer to the edge beyond which I knew lay a thrilling plunge into earthly paradise – and the now not-so-innocuous organ was the secret gateway to it.

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Samagra Day #2

Jargon Alert: This piece is intended for a very specific audience 🙂


Continuing the momentum from Day#1, SF Hari Ravikumar, in his opening address to the convention, implored the students to ask all kinds of questions instead of being passive participants. The venues for different workshops having been announced, the participants quickly trickled out, leaving the main auditorium to SF Karla Palma and her flock of attendees.

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Jargon Alert: This piece is meant for a very specific audience 🙂

The past week has been difficult. I’ve struggled with a growing void that’s been gnawing at my soul since we parted ways with the visiting fellows from other campuses at the conclusion of Samagra.

It’s over.

In hindsight, all the chaos and late night caffeine leading up to the conference was worth it. Working with other fellows and the chance to meet an incredibly amazing bunch of people has been a profound and a very defining Melton moment for all of us. Continue reading Samagra

The ethics of Online Sharing

Judging by the thumbnail it looked like the mindless mms fodder that circulates on pointless WhatsApp groups that courtesy dictates you stay a part of. Accompanying text read : “Guy Lights up after using Air freshener in Car”.

I usually press the delete button on these things, but as fate would have it, I decided to watch this one. The video opens with three guys in a car listening to music. Dude in the backseat lights up, instantly triggering a flash that momentarily engulfs the screen; luminous envelopes of fire quickly blossom around them, wrapping their heads completely.

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My Digital Fortress

I devote countless hours of my time trying out severely twisted patterns in the 3×3 Pattern Gridlock that guards my android phone. Then, after narrowing down on the most convoluted combination, begins the process of further ‘entanglement’- introducing isolated mutations to the pattern to beat a potential hacker’s intuition and dismantle any lingering vestiges of predictability in it. A great deal of deliberation goes into this.
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