The Limping Lightning

Blogging is no cakewalk. A lesson that I’ve learnt as I dabble in it and struggle to keep my brain from slipping into hibernation every time I sit down to write. The road to setting up this blog has been fraught with hurdles, Big hurdles…. okay, actually just one (read procrastination).

When you finally slay that demon, the forces of nature throw more challenges your way to stop you in your tracks. Naming your blog is one of them (seriously, it ended up taking days altogether).

The Lousy Engineer makes for a lousy name, I mused initially. I was hell-bent on Limping Lightning’s Lair (see the alliteration??), or anything with limping lightning in it. That’s my pseudonym, and I’m very pleased with it. Why “limping lightning“, you ask? Well, I like running, and I’m verrry fast. I was born to sprint. Don’t believe me? I ran a race at the annual sports meet in the first grade, and came third (^o^). I epitomise the bolt of lightning hamstrung by a limp – not as fast as untamed lightning – yet quite faster than you, the average homo sapien. Hence the name. You probably think it’s lame whacky, but that’s alright. My friend did too. (The majesty of it is lost on most)  She only saw a bad domain name/URL. Unfortunately, I had to agree.

And so, the next most apt contender – The Lousy Engineer– came up for consideration. Very apt. I wear that hat with dubious pride. After school I did toy with the idea of pursuing Arts, but that was deemed a career suicide, and so, by an unfortunate combination of peer pressure and advice from those with more ‘experience’ (not to exonerate my own poor judgement and lack of foresight), I ended up taking the road more travelled (but that’s for another post). Been angling for some much-needed course correction ever since. Pray that I find success in this endeavour. It’s in the interest of your safety. Otherwise, I end up an engineer and well, you wouldn’t wanna bet your life on bridges and seat belts designed by lousy engineers, would you?

Oh, I must also place on record my immense gratitude to those countless blogs (on blogging) for the generous info-overload and further fuelling my vacillation over choosing Blogger/ WordPress. So I decided to flip a coin. Heads for WP, Tails for Blogger, I thought.

First Toss…. TAILS!

Okay. Blogger it is.

Or maybe I should flip it thrice, make it a ‘best of three’ format.

Second Toss…. TAILS AGAIN!

Best of Five, maybe?

Subsequent couple of tosses yield a Head and another Tail. I flick the coin away and call up my friend. I leave it to her to decide for me. After all, her wisdom has seen me through the direst of crises. But this time, she sides with the bloody coin!

I sense the forces of nature behind this, once again keeping me from realising my blog. So I quickly shut out the corrupting influence of their agents – my “buddy” and the coin, and decide, without bias of course, to pitch my tent here, at WordPress ^_^


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